Withholding material evidence 2019 Y L R 1470

2019 Y L R 1470
[Supreme Court (AJ&K)]
Present: Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim Zia, C Jand Raja Saeed Akram Khan, J
The STATE through Advocate-General Azad Jammu and Kashmir and another—Respondents

Withholding material evidence—Scope— If a material witness was withheld then under the provision of Art. 129 …

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Second marriage without permission, Jurisdiction, P L D 2019 Peshawar 180

P L D 2019 Peshawar 180
Before Ishtiaq Ibrahim, J
WAQAS KHAN—Petitioner
Dr. SEEMA HANIF—Respondent

Ss. 177 & 179—Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (VIII of 1961), S.6—Rules under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, R. 21—Notification No. AO(LG)1(20)/81 dated 24-09- 1992—Second marriage without permission of first wife—Second Nikah having been …

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Where general statute did provide a different procedure for doing a thing then procedure provided by the special law had to prevail.

2019 Y L R 1560
[Supreme Court (AJ&K)]

Interpretation of statutes—
—-Implied repeal—Scope—Where two enactments on identical point/subject were holding the field then Court was to try to harmonize the both but if same could not be done then the Act
which was earlier in time would be deemed to …

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اراضی کا حصول — دلچسپی رکھنے والے افراد کو کلیکٹر اراضی کے حصول کا نوٹس Land acquisition—Notice by the Collector Land Acquisition to interested persons

2019 M L D 1329
[Supreme Court (AJ&K)]
Present: Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim Zia, C J and Ghulam Mustafa Mughal, J
WAPDA through Director Legal WAPDA and another—Appellants
FAHMIDA BEGUM and 7 others—Respondents

Ss. 9, 10, 18 & 25(2)—Land acquisition—Notice by the Collector Land Acquisition to interested persons—Landowner having not …

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Sale mutations, genuineness of—Proof—Illiterate lady 2019 S C M R 567 [Supreme Court of Pakistan]

Transfer of Property Act (IV of 1882), S. 54—Sale mutations, genuineness of—Proof—Illiterate lady—Fraudulent and sham transactions—Petitioners/vendees were the beneficiaries of the alleged sales and they were supposed to prove and establish the genuineness of sales in their favour—Only evidence on behalf of petitioners available on the record was the statement …

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2018 M L D 923-Ex-parte Family decree, setting aside of—Limitation/ایک طرفہ عدالت کا حکم ، ایک طرف وقت مقرر کرنا۔

شادی کو تحلیل کرنے اور ڈوور اور جہیز سے متعلق مضامین کی بازیابی کے لئے مقدمہ --- سابقہ ​​حکم نامہ ، ایک طرف --- طے شدہ --- درخواست گزار / سابقہ ​​اہلیہ نے استدعا کی کہ اپیلٹ کورٹ نے مدعا علیہ کی موقوف پابندی کی درخواست کو غلط طور پر 
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forfeiture of Bail bond in Interim Bail,-Scope ضمانت کا مچلکا ضبط کرنا۔ دائرہ کار

2019 M L D 950
[Sindh (Larkana Bench)]

Accused was admitted to interim pre-arrest bail which was not confirmed and his application for prearrest bail was dismissed—Surety was called upon to produce accused or to show cause as to why amount of surety bond should not be recovered from him—Petitioner …

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Contempt of Court, proceedings for—Object and purpose توہین عدالت، آبجیکٹ اور مقصد

2019 S C M R 542
[Supreme Court of Pakistan]
Present: Mian Saqib Nisar, C.J., Umar Ata Bandial, Ijaz ul Ahsan, Sajjad Ali Shah and Munib Akhtar, JJ
The STATE—Respondent

Object and the ultimate purpose in the mind of the Court while initiating contempt proceedings was …

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Abolition Legal Phrase

  • Abolition is the act of abolishing. Abolish means to annul, eliminate or destroy an ongoing practice or thing.
  • It is the state of being annulled or abrogated.
  • The legal termination of slavery in United States. The abolition movement fought for the end of slavery. Its goals were finally met with
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  1. In legal terms an abeyance is defined as a situation in which the legitimate owner of a property is not yet known.

    An example of abeyance is when a homeowner dies without leaving the house to anyone and his kids start to fight over it.

  2. The definition of abeyance is
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