Punjab Rented Premises Case

Scope—Tenant s filed application for transfer of Eviction application which was dismissed by the District Judge—Contention of the Tenant s was that Rent Tribunal was biased against them—Petitioners had attributed bias on account of dismissal of their applications by the Rent Tribunal —Mere fact that Rent Tribunal had decided interlocutory applications against the petitioners was not sufficient to establish bias—Interim orders passed on applications were amenable to revisional jurisdiction—Nothing was on record to show that orders on applications were passed with mala fide or for consideration—Wrong order passed by the court in good faith would not furnish ground of bias—Petitioners had not been able to attribute bias—Nothing was on record to show that principles of natural justice were violated by the Rent Tribunal —Proceedings in the Eviction petition were required to be conducted expeditiously—Short adjournments were hardly ground to attribute bias—Bona fide expeditious proceedings could not give cause of grievance to move for transfer of the Eviction petition—District Judge had passed the impugned order through lawful exercise of jurisdiction—No jurisdictional error, factual or legal infirmity or irregularity was found—Revision was dismissed.

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