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Narcotic Bail, refusal Criminal Law

2018 Y L R Note 126

Criminal Law  S. 497—Control of Narcotic Substances Act (XXV of 1997), Ss. 6 & 9(b)—Possession of narcotic drugs—Bail, refusal of—Accused’s bail application before Trial Court had already been dismissed by a well-reasoned order which required no interference—Question of amount of sample of norcotic substance for examination of Chemical Examiner could not be gone into at bail stage as the same required a deeper appreciation of evidence- –Accused was caught red-handed at the airport attempting to smuggle heroin in an ingenious manner—Narcotic was concealed in the baggage at the Airport, thus there was no chance that same was foisted on accused—No enmity had been alleged between customs officials and accused—Chemical report was positive—Accused was not entitled to bail in circumstances— Bail was refused accordingly.

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