Prohibition of certaindischarges or emission—Environmental protection

2019 C L D 155

Ss. 2, 11, 16 & 17—Prohibition of certaindischarges or emission—Environmental protection order—Penalty, reductionin—Tannery was found creating liquid and solid waste and untreated wastewater, reportedly discharged into open drains/open plots along the roadsides—Adverse environmental impact was created in the form of air, water andland pollution—Tannery management pleaded guilty, admitting that tannery wascausing pollution to the environment creating adverse effect by discharginguntreated effluent and waste water—No system was installed for properdisposal of waste water—Management admitted that they had failed to complywith the directions of Environmental Protection Order and prayed for lenientview—Environmental Protection Order (EPO) had given directions either toinstall treatment plant or stop operation of pollution generating activities—Provisionsof S.16 of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997, in circumstances, wereviolated, as the tannery/unit had not complied with the directions given inEPO, which was punishable under S.17 of the said Act—Tannery, who neverchallenged EPO at any forum, was fined under S.17 for violating the directionunder S.16 of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997—Managementhaving admitted and placed himself at the mercy of the Tribunal, therefore fineof Rs.500,000 (Rupees Five Hundred Thousand) was imposed.

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