9 years and 8 months of service, Pension to widow,

2019 P L C (C.S.) 67
[Supreme Court of Pakistan]

–Pension—Entitlement of employee’s widow to pension—Deceased employee was appointed as office chowkidar in appellantdepartment—Deceased died during service after putting in 9 years and 8 months of service, and after his death, his widow was paid group lifeĀ  insurance and other financial benefits but was denied pension on the ground that he was a work-charge employee—Widow claimed that her husband being chowkidar had died after serving for a period of about 10 years, thus, she was entitled to get pension under Pension Rules of the department—Validity—Deceased employee was appointed as chowkidar, which was a permanent post and that was the reason that he had been given annual increments and upon his death, his wife was given all financial benefits including group life insurance etc.—From the nature of job and the period the deceased employee had served, it could not be said that he was a work charge employee, and there was every likelihood that he would have continued to serve had he lived longer—Serial Number 2 of paragraph 2(c)(5) of Volume-II of WAPDA Compendium of Important Directives/Office Orders issued by the Authority clearly provides that “pension as well as commutation (25%) is to be paid, if service is 9-1/2 years or more.”—In the present case, the deceased employee had admittedly put in 9 years and 8 months service, hence, he being on a permanent post until his death, his widow was entitled to receive pension—Appeal was dismissed accordingly.

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