Reformation and rehabilitation of tender aged offender, Probation, Community service by Accused

2018 Y L R 461

Accused had claimed his age as seventeen years and by appearance, he seemed to be of tender age—Provision of Probation of Offenders Ordinance,1 960 was a reformative measure and its object was to reclaim amateur offenders who, if spared the indignity of incarceration, could be usefully rehabilitated in the society—Accused, in the present case, was amateur and a novice offender, therefore it would be beneficial for him and the society alike to place him on probation—Accused was given under the supervision of Probation Officer for one year while maintaining his sentence—Accused being a Christian, he would perform the community service by participating in arrangements of ‘Sunday Service of Worship’ or ‘Sunday Mass’ in the church of his choice—Accused had to give assistance in cleaning and arranging the pews in the prayer hall and other ancillary work along with the regular staff and/or volunteers of the said church

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