DNA test- Consent for conduct of such test

P L D 2018 Lahore 758

Mst. SAFIA BIBI and another

No one could be forced to have his/her blood test samples obtained for conducting DNA test—If a person did not give his consent for such test he/she could not be compelled for the same as such test amounted to interference with personal liberty of a person—Court had power to order for DNA test or any blood test in order to ascertain the truthfulness of allegations but such order must be passed with the consent of the party, such order could not be made in routine—Compelling a person to undergo DNA test could have serious consequences— Court was to safeguard and protect personal liberty of every citizen—DNA test was not the sole mode to adjudge and determine legitimacy of the children in matter of inheritance—Paternity issue could be proved by oral and documentary evidence.

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