Powers of investigating officer (Police Rules) 25.2.

 (1) The powers and privileges of a police officer making an investigation are detailed in Sections 160 to 175, Criminal Procedure Code. An officer so making an investigation shall invariably issue an order in writing in Form 25.2(1) to any person summoned to attend such investigation and shall endorse on the copy of the order retained by the person so summoned the date and time of his arrival at, and the date ad time of his departure from, the place to which he is summoned. The duplicate of the order shall be attached to the case diary.
(2) No avoidable trouble shall be given to any person from whom enquiries are made and no person shall be unnecessarily detained.
(3) It is the duty of an investigating officer to find out the truth of the matter under investigation. His object shall be to discover the actual facts of the case and to arrest the real offender or offenders. He shall not commit himself prematurely to any view of the facts for or against any person.

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