Correction of date of birth in educational Certificates

2018 Y L R Note 55

S. 42—Suit for declaration—Correction of date of birth in educational testimonials—Scope—Contention of plaintiff was that his date of birth was 10-01-1986 instead of 10-09-1992—Suit was dismissed concurrently— Validity— Plaintiff through oral and documentary evidence had proved that his actual date of birth was 10-01-1986 and not 10-09-1992—Documents produced by the plaintiff were official record and their authenticity could not be doubted—Findings recorded by the Trial Court were based on presumptions—Appellate Court without formulating points for determination had relied upon the stance of defendants and had not considered the impact of oral and documentary evidence of plaintiff—Both the Courts below had failed to exercise jurisdiction vested in them—Findings recorded by the Courts below were result of mis-reading and non-reading of evidence— Impugned judgments and decrees passed by the Courts below were set aside and suit was decreed

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