Bail, grant of—Rule of consistency—Applicability

2019 M L D 1431
Before Sayyed Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi, J
AKBAR ALI—Petitioner
The STATE and another—Respondents
-Bail, grant of—Rule of consistency—Applicability—

Petitioner was found innocent during investigation and sought bail on grounds that case to his extent was not proved during investigation—Validity—Despite remaining on physical remand with police for a considerable time, nothing incriminating was recovered by police from petitioner—Name of petitioner, was placed in column No. 2 of report under S.173, Cr.P.C.—Co-accused having identical role was already admittedd to bail by Supreme Court—Petitioner, held, was also entitled to concession of bail on principle of rule of consistency—Bail was granted to petitioner, in circumstances.

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