Reopening of inquiry | Exercise of powers

P L D 2020 Lahore 191

Reopening of inquiry—Exercise of jurisdiction—Principle—Petitioner was aggrieved of reopening of inquiry which was previously closed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB)—Validity— Without bringing on record any fresh ground or to dig out any truth, inquiry was reinitiated on same allegations issued by the Authority—Reasons and circumstances were apparently, neither brought before Chairman NAB nor Authority had formed opinion on basis of material—Authority had just ordered reopening of inquiry without holding any official of NAB responsible for closure of the inquiry—Such was not whims and designs unsubstantiated by fresh disclosed facts on basis of which it could reopen closed
inquiry—Inquiry was reopened in slipshod manner in circumstances.
(b) National Accountability Ordinance (XVIII of 1999)-
—-S. 18(c)—Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB)—Exercise of powers—Principle—Powers of Chairman NAB are structured by law and conscience and must be guided by them and not by unperceived perception infatuated by his subjective approach.

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